Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gonna Make a change

Gosh, WTH was I thinking when I decided to give lasix a try again? Sure it did its job and made me pee a whole lot, but while it didn't reduce the swelling, it did make me hit the ground. I had another syncope episode.
I took the lasix just before going to bed, knowing it would make me wake every 15 minutes to pee. When I woke up though, I was quite disappointed to see that the edema was still pretty bad. Nonetheless I got my ass up and into the shower when suddenly I began to feel my heart race and my pressure drop. Seconds later I woke to find myself wet, laying in bed. Apparently I passed out and Jose carried me to bed...again.
OK, time take this shit more serious. I'm cutting back on my hours at work, increasing the amount of sleep I get and were joining the gym this week. If I'm gonna stick around long enough to see my girls become beautiful moms themselves, Ive gotta take my health more serious.