Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keeping Up

Looking at my post's for the month its plain to see my lack of effort into keeping my readers entertained. I'm sorry guys, I've just been busy with... new projects. Yeah, that's an easy way of putting it. In the past 3 weeks I spent a total of three nights in my house. Call me crazy if you want, but my bills are getting paid!

One of the "projects" is that of me enlisting in a division at work that includes providing emergency medical services at major venues here in NYC. It's really pretty cool. We provide services to places like Madison Square Garden, Nokia Theatre and Yankee Stadium amongst dozens more. The pay kinda sucks. Nonetheless, being paid to be at a concert or watch ball games is match made in heaven for me!

...And the view is quite AWESOME!

As for the other projects, well.... Mr Pink was given a pink slip. Deb got really close to being a science project being studied by the Louis and Clarke Dynamic Duo, but their new subject seems to be a repeat offender. And finally my home boy seems to be coming around again YAY!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old enough to die? You decide!

With this being my 500th post, I didnt want to subject you to yet another post about my boring drama. Instead I waited for days and fought through my writers block to bring back my initial intentions for this site... something decent.

Imagine this if you will; Your 13 year old boy has a curfew of 9pm and walks in the doors just before midnight on a school night. What do you do? Punish him or perhaps take his allowance away?

Now imagine if you would, another boy also 13 yr old, is diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The family has been fighting doctors and local courts siting they belong to a religious group that believes in "natural" healing methods. Their son Daniel has testified he believed chemotherapy would kill him and told the judge that if anyone tried to force him to take it, "I'd fight it. I'd punch them and I'd kick them."

Daniel and his mother are on the run now as court officials issued a nationwide search for their return. Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg, who had ruled last week that Daniel's parents were medically neglecting him, issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for Colleen Hauser and ruled her in contempt of court. Rodenberg also ordered that Daniel be placed in foster care and immediately evaluated by a cancer specialist for treatment.

In the medical profession we're constantly faced with morally challenging decisions. Another example: The 40 something mother of 4 refuses to battle her metastatic cancer and signs Do Not Resuscitate orders refusing all life saving interventions, and instead chooses to "die with dignity". With all the medical advances, her chances of survival are very good, however she fears suffering through rounds of chemo therapy and radiation and instead chooses to say goodbye to her loved ones.

Lets examine another case: In November 2007, a Washington state judge allowed Dennis Lindberg, a 14-year-old Jehovah's Witness sick with leukemia, to refuse a blood transfusion that could 've saved his life. Jehovah's Witnesses believe accepting a blood transfusion violates God's law. The teenager died the same day the decision was made.

When do we say its ok for a person to choose to die? At what age would we believe they were capable of making that decision? And should courts be allowed to over rule a persons religious beliefs?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blame It

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Humor: take 2

Eight months ago I jokingly made mention that the ice cream guy was trying to pimp me out. Well since the last guy he tried to hook me up with suddenly passed away, guess what? He's at it again, but aiming for someone a little healthier. Saturday while standing with Gabby at the ice cream truck and chatting with Johnny, as we always do, he asked if I were still single. I smiled and replied yes, at that very moment I turned and someone snuck behind me. It was Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink and I have been talking for a few weeks now, but unannounced to Johnny.

The elderly Good Humor man who knows him too, grabbed Mr. Pink and demanded he ask me on a date. I turned 5 shades of pink as did he, as I listened to Johnny tell us why we'd make the perfect pair and offered to pay for our wedding cake.

I love you Johnny! Your the Man!!! LMAO

Monday, May 11, 2009


Guys are psycho, point blank! Nothing they do makes sense and in my opinion, all their concerned with is feeding their damn ego's. I've been doing alot of research lately hoping to answer some questions when I came across an article titled appropriately: Why Guys Dump Girls They Dig.

When your sitting on the toilet and cant quite drop that load your carrying, glance over the following facts. They've got all the BS you could've asked for!

Are You About to Be Jilted? Signs that your man's getting ready to

His cell phone is always off. He might be spending time with
someone he doesn't want you to know about ... or he just doesn't want to make
himself available.

He's reluctant to make plans. If he hems and haws
about committing to anything — even if it's in the semi-near future — he's
thinking about making a break for it.

He's meaner. The
passive-aggressive breakup is a guy standby. Some men intentionally turn into
a-holes to make sure you break up with them.

He's not into sex. He
doesn't want to feel connected to you — or he's getting his needs filled
somewhere else.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok, Ok... Just one more! The day wouldnt be complete without my adding A Song for Momma!!!

Little Girls Depend on Things Like That

For Mothers Day I thought I'd share a song I hold close to my heart right now. After seeing the Hannah Montana movie with my girls a few weeks ago, I fell in love with the story line and one song in particular. In the song Butterfly, Hannah (played by Miley Cyrus) thanks her dad for doing all the little things that meant so much to her and acknowledges his having done it all alone.

I've already told my girls were dancing to this song at their weddings, LOL. Hope you enjoy it too:

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Sometimes we look at things, or people if you would, and imagine them to be something their not. You've seen their face hundreds of times, but today in a new light, you see something different.

Try this out? What do see? At first glance Albert Einstein appears. Now step back several feet and another famous Hollywood artist appears.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Love You

I probably should be a big mess right now. Am I? Absolutely not!

I have faith in God and his master plan for me. He removed certain things from my grasp, to open my hands to receive a larger blessing. I shall not fear but rather embrace his will, there's no greater love than his.