Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Humor: take 2

Eight months ago I jokingly made mention that the ice cream guy was trying to pimp me out. Well since the last guy he tried to hook me up with suddenly passed away, guess what? He's at it again, but aiming for someone a little healthier. Saturday while standing with Gabby at the ice cream truck and chatting with Johnny, as we always do, he asked if I were still single. I smiled and replied yes, at that very moment I turned and someone snuck behind me. It was Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink and I have been talking for a few weeks now, but unannounced to Johnny.

The elderly Good Humor man who knows him too, grabbed Mr. Pink and demanded he ask me on a date. I turned 5 shades of pink as did he, as I listened to Johnny tell us why we'd make the perfect pair and offered to pay for our wedding cake.

I love you Johnny! Your the Man!!! LMAO

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Anonymous said...

LOL..I wonder if he'd pay for my wedding cake too!