Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keeping Up

Looking at my post's for the month its plain to see my lack of effort into keeping my readers entertained. I'm sorry guys, I've just been busy with... new projects. Yeah, that's an easy way of putting it. In the past 3 weeks I spent a total of three nights in my house. Call me crazy if you want, but my bills are getting paid!

One of the "projects" is that of me enlisting in a division at work that includes providing emergency medical services at major venues here in NYC. It's really pretty cool. We provide services to places like Madison Square Garden, Nokia Theatre and Yankee Stadium amongst dozens more. The pay kinda sucks. Nonetheless, being paid to be at a concert or watch ball games is match made in heaven for me!

...And the view is quite AWESOME!

As for the other projects, well.... Mr Pink was given a pink slip. Deb got really close to being a science project being studied by the Louis and Clarke Dynamic Duo, but their new subject seems to be a repeat offender. And finally my home boy seems to be coming around again YAY!

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Anonymous said...

Im here..still reading..still a fan!!Just havent been getting to a computer much. Love u!