Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Note on the windshield of my heart

The past two weeks have been amazing. It all began with that saturday morning. I was coming home from work, tired, sleepy and yet still attractive in your eyes for some reason. I remember walking away from my parking spot feeling like I was being watched. I paused for a moment in the lobby, something told me to look back. I did briefly, but not sure of what I supposed to see, I continued on my way. Went home and shortly after went to bed.

Hours later I was awakened by my mother with a note in hand. It was simple, yet mysterious. The kind I've dreamed of getting in one of my many romantic fantasies. Reluctant at first to reply, I decided to take a chance anyway, and with my history they dont usually end well. I've sort of put up this wall around me, not allowing anyone else in for quite some time. But for some reason you seemed to have created a door of your own and walked right through it.
Have you ever heard the saying " some people come into your life for a reason, even if only for a season"? You came into my life, and showed me that I could have fun again. I can get excited about seeing someone, but not having to worry about impressing anyone. It was ok for me to be myself and still be considered attractive.

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