Saturday, July 07, 2007

The One Person I Cant Protect

I haven't blogged in a very long time, but there's something else I haven't done in a while either that I did today... I cried. With the exception of the news I heard while in the hospital about Dawg and his loss, I haven't wept in quite some time. My doctor called me yesterday and requested that I see him today. I assumed, like everyone else, he was concerned about my coumadin levels staying therapeutic. If they fall below safe levels again, I may not survive another pulmonary embolism or many of the other complications blood clots can cause. So I agreed to come in and supply those blood thirsty vampires with another weekly sample.

However doc wanted to physically see my this time. Apparently my last test showed that I've fallen back down to sub-therapeutic levels. Of course he began lecturing me assuming that I'd missed more doses. This time however, it wasn't my fault. I've been following the medication schedule religiously. We discussed the possible causes of the drops and a few theories that we'd really rather not consider. I convinced him to allow me to give another sample, re-check the levels and at the first sign of trouble, I'd go to the hospital.

Why is my body defying me? I've struggled most of my life to protect and improve that of those around me. But the one person I cant... is myself.

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