Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We're faced with many choices in life. Deciding where to go, what to do and with whom to do it is your choosing. If I could sit here and decide where to be, I'd choose a big house with a wrap around porch. Where? Perhaps in the country somewhere or maybe a lakefront home. The "with who" part... well that's when things get difficult.

Life can be difficult and having someone to go through it and walk beside you can make a world of a difference. I have several friends whom just like me, have been burnt by past relationships. I guess I must have made it through pretty well because many of them still look to me for advice. I'll be the first to admit I could've worked harder on my marriage, but I know better now, and I'll use all these lessons should I choose to share with someone once again. But for now, I'm content with the way things are.

...until I got an email from my supervisor telling me that my shift at work is being eliminated, that I must choose another one. While I could choose to return to dispatching on overnights, it'll leave no time for sleep. I could choose the afternoon shift, but then I wouldn't see my girls very often. Or I could choose to dispatch only on weekends and go on the road more often which would satisfy another addiction.

Ahh... decisions, decisions.

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