Thursday, July 19, 2007

Long Overdue FOAD

Ok, Boys and Girls. It's been a while, but here comes a long overdue FOAD.

First, to the sorry excuse of a father whom thinks that sending comments on myspace is quality communication between him and his daughters. C'mon , no wonder our relationship failed. But seriously, didn't you learn anything in the parenting classes the State forced you to take?! Or did you skip that class too?

Next to the asshole new dispatcher. When you show up to work 2 hours late and see that I've been covering for you so that your supervisor wouldn't been woken from his sleep, the least you can do is thank me. It's one thing to not even call in the first place, but to be a total bitch all night long too! ...Hope you choke on that second big mack in your lunch box, FOAD!

Ahh... I'm feeling better all ready!

And finally to my nutrition Professor whom jumps on my ass for being 5 minutes late to class. Whom had me up till 2am yesterday morning studying for our midterm. A midterm that she postponed an hour after it was supposed to begin, after realizing that she was running too late. Karma's a bitch isnt it?! FOAD... after giving me my "B" of course.

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