Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Clout

Starting a new year is supposed to be a exciting right? Well for me its complicated by my bad-luck-month of January. For as far back as I can remember something has always happened in the month of January to clout my New Years joy. My earliest memory is from losing my friend in a tragic accident in junior high.

In the many years that followed I'd lose numerous friends and loved ones all in the month of January. In fact, I left my cheating husband... in the month of January.

So here we are just 11 days into the month, and how am I doing? Well I think I pissed off Nick or something cause I'm just not feeling the love right now. I've had to calm my hysterical co-worker and explain why some people just don't want to be saved as we chat over our first DOA of the new year. I've learned that I've lost another co-worker who suffered a massive heart attack while on scene tending to persons injured in an MVA. And lastly I've learned that my daughters coach recently succumbed as well.

Can you comprehend now, why I view this month from inside a foxhole?!