Sunday, January 18, 2009

S' Moore... YAY!

Friends fill a void in your heart. Help cleanse your soul and heal your wounds. Today I'm going to see a very special friend of mine that I'd consider a sister. My sister Moore.

One day God, quite literally, brought the wonder woman to my doorstep. In the months that followed we became inseparable as she even coached me through Gabby's birth. Looking back now, I went through some really tough times in Louisiana. Without her I doubt I'd be the strong person I am today. With my marriage slowly failing and nearly loosing my daughter, Michelle stood by me as our husband's were often away serving our country.

Being an Army wife isn't as glamorous as Lifetime makes it seem, but the bond that us spouses share is stronger than any I've come to know. Our time together seemed short lived, but I pray the ties between us will carry us forever.

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