Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dreams, they meet us every night and often at various random moments throughout the day. But what do they mean? I personally believe dreams interpret our subconscious thoughts. Things that we perhaps avoid thinking about or dealing with sneaking up on us as we rest. There's no fighting it, its bothering you.

I dreamt a few weeks ago that another friend at work was pregnant leaving me to be the only woman in the office who's not. Deep inside I know the dream dealt with my feelings of depression surrounding the fact that I'll probably cant.

Just the other night I woke up crying after an argument with a very good friend of mine. I cant remember the details of the argument anymore, but know that it entailed him confessing a lack of pleasure between us and other words spoke that hurt so much. But the truth is, these are all thought Ive conjured up but never dealt with. About how lonely Ive been, about how tired I am of being constantly let down and my loss of desire to please him as I once did.

Jes' just confessed that he was upset about a dream that he had last night too. He dreamed that we passed each other in the garage at work like we've done time and time again. Only this time, he says I stopped to tell him that my boyfriend had commanded that I stop talking with him and delete all my guy friends from my cellphone. Now I know Jes is obsessed with me, but thats cool. See he knows that my hearts not available because its still in undeserving hands. Nonetheless our friendship will always be just that, a friendship. Apparently he subconsciously fears he'll lose that too.

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