Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My emotions got the better of me and I sent a copy of that last blog entry to him. The response was all I needed to pack up my emotional baggage and get to steppin'. I wake up this morning was a text message telling me he "didnt wanna be friends anymore but would really like to bust a nut". WTF?

Are you for real? So I replied: "Wow thats really fucked up!"
He later replied that we really didnt need to talk, that we could just do whatever and leave. Still in disbelief that he would be this dis-respectful to someone he once referred to as being his best friend, I replied: "No I love myself more than that... sorry".

I'm still in aw... how could he do me so wrong and be so hurtful? Whatever... It was all I needed to push on and focus on someone deserving of my love. Thank you Lord for giving me this closure!

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