Saturday, October 24, 2009

Words can be more fierce than a Sword

Sometimes we dont realize the weight behind our words. After what happened Thursday, my Hero cancelled his own doctors appointments and tried getting out of work to stay and take care of me. While I really do appreciated the help and concern, It saddens me to think of my loved ones going through another ordeal with me getting sick again.

Ang was no help and just made me more emotional. While laying in bed together this morning, my Hero asked how I was feeling and I told him how much it bothers me to know that he and others are worried about me. In doing so, I started a huge disagreement that nearly ended our relationship. He was very upset and offended by my words. Did I not want him to care? Of course I do. I just dont want him to hurt. Instead of getting the intended message, he heard that I dont want him to take care of me and help me. If something happened to him, I obviously would support him, so why then wont I let him do the same for me?

I suppose it all comes down to not feeling vulnerable again, still scarred from my past or maybe a combination of it all. Nontheless after hours that felt like months apart and buckets of tears. We've decided we're gonna work on my fears, my doubts and most importantly my getting better.

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