Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm so pisssed right now and need to vent! I'm supposed to get off at 7am after working a 12 hr shift. My relief is never, I repeat NEVER on time. So this morning I wasnt very surprised when she called at 0640 to say that she was running late. Apparently her late night partying has led her to some legal problems and she was involved in a fight that led to someone getting stabbed. She's being taken to the local police station for questioning and doesnt know how long they'll keep her.

Now I dont like to talk crap about people, but when you hold a professional license to provide care to sick and elderly people you should also be willing to be a model citizen. This includes not getting yourself involved in unethical activities after hours! Infact your ass should be home sleeping so you have the well rested mind ready to apply the critical thinking skills required of you at work.

But... Im not her supervisor. Who am I to complain?!

Thank You my blogger audience for hearing my roar :-P

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