Sunday, November 01, 2009

Treats and Tricks

Yesterday was Halloween, a day the girls and I really enjoy every year. Some view the holiday as a dark holiday celebrating witchcraft and idolizing the devil. That very well may be true for some people, but as for me and my home we celebrate an American tradition in which we dress up as an imaginary character and visit neighbors homes for candy treats. Nothing more, and no secret demonic rituals after dark.
Yesterday was also a landmark day in our relationship, the day his and mine became ours as we all shared our first holiday together. Thankfully all went well and the girls had a great time together. Its just a shame I had to come to work tonight. I really would've liked to be home with them, but once again my job makes my goals for my family life a bit more difficult to achieve. The next time they ask me for a favor, I'll remember this time when I really wanted one myself.

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mikekoz68 said...

some people believe the holiday celebrates witchcraft and the devil? grow up, Lady, there's no such thing as witches, devils, or gods -- we made these things up. Like Santa, Jesus, Allah, the Tooth Fairy etc.