Monday, November 02, 2009


Let me paint a picture if you don't mind....

You reach out to your best friend, who's a nurse, for advice and support after just going through a pretty scary situation. Your frightened at the thought of a relapse so you seek her help. However rather than be a friend and offer support she throws some other inappropriate shit in your face and tells you she doesn't want to hear what you have to say.

How do you react? Do you argue back or ignore her like you've done in the past when she's said hurtful full things? Like the time she called you irresponsible, or how about when she said I was hurting the kids? Once again I ignored and decided I WILL NOT allow any more negativity in my life. I couldve thrown thousands of things in her face that she did that was wrong, but a good friend doesn't say things to hurt you. I want one that'll offer the same support and love as I do.

The days have turned into weeks and still nothing... then I read on facebook that she had a party for the kids on Halloween, a holiday we used to share together. Did I know or were my kids invited? Nope! I secretly hoped that my best friend would come through. That she'd realize that despite our feelings about the men we choose to be with, that we had something not worth allowing those differences to get between us. However after all this and seeing this new bit of info I realize I'm not dealing with Ang anymore, she's Mrs Rog now.

I wish her the best and hope he does her right.

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