Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Curry flavored FOAD

Nothing irritates me more than unknown callers calling my cell phone. Even worse, when they leave a message and I have to pause for 2 minutes to listen to their damn sales pitch. I just don't have time for bullshit in my life anymore.

So... I get not 1, not 2, but 3 calls from an unknown number tracing back to CA. The gentleman with an overpowering Indian accent calls himself Tony Clark and that I must call him back on the 'hotline' or else. WTF?!

So I immediately return his call and he answers claiming to work for an attorney and that if I don't pay him for an outstanding pay day loan immediately, that their going to federal court on Friday to prosecute.

Dude... you fucked with the wrong chick today!

1st of all I've never taken out a pay day loan, because (my friend) their illegal in NY state. Our governor protects us from crooks like you. Secondly, pay day loans are not enforceable in courts... I know because I fucking worked for them too. And thirdly I wish you'd remove my telephone number from your list of people to steal from and fuck off!

Am I sounding a little upset? Good, glad you feel my anger! Whats with all these damn international scams lately? Last week I had someone from Nigeria purchase an item from me on ebay and send fictitious emails claiming to be from paypal.

Funny how the very same countries we helped through major disasters and such return the favor by trying to rip us off. FOAD!!!

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