Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Warrior

My weekends can always be compared to a great marathon. Being a single mom has got to be the hardest job in the world, but trying to squeeze in time to save the world, makes it that much more interesting.

Here's a brief timeline of my weekend.


My best friend calls and asks me to go out with her and her fiance tonight, and of course Kenny. I reluctantly agreed. Figured I could use some adult time.
10:45pm: I fell asleep in bed with my 4 year old watching a movie. So much for the night out.....


: I wake up and realize that I'm in bed and didn't go out. Quickly call Elena and apologize. She's a great friend. Says that she'll take a raincheck for next Friday night.
9:30am: While making breakfast for the girls, my sister calls and asks what time I'll be swinging by to pick her up for the blood drive I've recruited her for earlier in the week.
11:00am: Checking emails and browsing messages on myspace when my daughters best friend calls and asked if she could come over today. Great one less kid to tote into the city.
12:00pm: Showered and ready to go, drop her off at her friends house. Get in the car with only one kid today and grab my sister. Then we're off to the city for the blood drive to benefit a co-worker.
3:00pm: Minus one pint of blood, light-headed and full of apple juice and oatmeal cookies, begin making my way back home. However I couldn't resist the urge to stop at a few stores along the way.
3:30pm: Old Navy
4:00pm: KB toys for the good girl who's put up with mommy all day.
5:30pm: Back in Brooklyn, food shopping and take sister home.
6:30pm: Quick dinner
8:30pm: pick up daughter from friends house and hang out there for a bit.
10:00pm: In the shower and getting ready for work.


midnight to 8:30am:
Worked all night long, no rest for the weary. Most of the calls ironically we're for psych patients, so very entertaining to say the least.
9:30am: Back home, cooking breakfast for the girls.
11:00am: checking emails and browsing myspace ( I think I'm addicted to it)
1:00-6:30pm: Swimming with the girls ( we do this every Sunday, couldn't take that away from them)
7:30pm: Late dinner
8:30-10:00: Laundry and bath time.
10:30: blog my crazy weekend, to share with you.

Sleep ....Hopefully soon. 36 somewhat hours and counting. Thank God for Dunkin Donuts Iced hazelnut with milk & 2 Splenda!!!

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