Friday, September 15, 2006

Just me Babbling

I dont really have anyting in particular to blog about today, but i'll force myself to babble about something anyway. Last night was Elena's wedding rehersal. Nothing like a wedding when your depressed. I'm really happy for her though. I love Elena and would do anything for my Bridezilla. I do however find myself doubting my feelings for Ray. I dont know why I do, I've never had a man quite as sincere as him. Last night he came along for the rehersal, fit right in with our friends and family, and then what happened last night is what has me spinning. I had my period and wasnt feeling very well, so what does he do? he layed there all night with his arms around me. I may not admit it, but one of the 'tricks' I play in determining wether a guy really adores me, is the whole 'turning away and see if he reaches for me trick'. What scares me is that he passed, as a matter of fact, he's passed just about every test so far. I know Elena's wedding is gonna be a memorable moment for the two of us, I just wish I wasnt so scared to love again myself.

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