Saturday, November 11, 2006

Same Shit Different Day

I'm back from outerspace. Sorry I didn't drop off the face of the planet, just blogger. The damn site was down when I finally got around to posting a few days ago, hopefully this time it works!!!

Well where do I get begin to get caught up? I'm officially cancer free and fully functioning. I'm pretty much having a good time with the exception of the situation with my mom. Nothing like a good scare to force you to make changes in your life. A few weeks ago my mom went to the hospital for a fairly routine procedure, however due to complications she began to what we call 'bleed out' and almost died. She was forced to quit smoking secondary to being hooked up to numerous machines in the ICU for a week. In my eyes, this is great (the smoking that is)! I've been trying to get her to quit smoking and drinking and begin to generally take care of herself, if not for her own sake, then for the sake of all the people that love her.

Well the good news is that mom has been officially smoke free for over a month now. The bad... she's more than making up for it with her drinking. We got into another huge argument tonight over this. See I work the overnight shift and leave my kids in her hands. But when she's drunk off her ass like tonight, I cant do it. Of course I really have no choice right now, all I could do is hope and pray that if something were to really happen and the kids needed someone, that my brother could step in and help them. I work very close, and could be home in less than 5 minutes if needed, but this uneasy feeling has got me to the point where I'm ready to quit my job if I cant be moved to a different shift.

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