Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New & Improved

I'm sitting here tonight prouder than I've been in a while. My day started out with cleaning the big mess the kids left while I worked yesterday, then followed up with my employee evaluation at work. As I prepared, I practiced my "shove your 30 cents up your ass speech" and I was ready to tell them what I really felt about shit, much to my surprise it wasn't necessary. See TP'ing my supervisors car the other night had absolutely no negative bearing on my evaluation, and I was graciously rewarded an awesome raise. We did however agree that I need to toughen up a bit. So...l got to working on it right away and made myself darn proud.

I started out with my sister whom woke me up at 6 am and didn't even apologize. Lets go back 6 weeks, when my mother lay on the operating table "bleeding out" and us getting the call that we need to come the hospital ASAP to be with her, not knowing if she'd be alive when we got there. Well, my sister's abusive boyfriend was strongly against her leaving the house that evening. I handed my sister some brass balls and we were quickly on our way despite his objections. Thankfully mom pulled through and is back to her old pain-in-the-ass self. Ironically though, I get a call while I'm at work yesterday about his mother. See karma's a wonderful thing! He got word that his mom and her roommate were both involved in a fire and the cat lovers refused to leave their apartment without their feline friends. The roommate is currently in a burn unit listed in critical condition, while his mother is listed as either missing or presumed to be dead. A body was pulled from the ruble two days after the structure collapsed however was so badly burned that they cannot determine the sex nor the identity.

Please forgive me for not crying, but rather rejoicing. The lady and her demon seed of a son have tormented my sister for over 10 years. When I heard he said she wished to be cremated without any special service, I joked at how she even took care of her final arraignments for us. Now my sister says that I was all heartless and shit, I disagree. I guess I just have a different outlook on death being in my profession. When we pull up on scene and someone's obviously dead, were usually relieved because we can hand our stiff over to someone else and go finish our lunch. Even when I worked hospice, knowing that my patients were never gonna be in pain again, was a relief. So call me f*cked up if you will, but I see her dying as a good thing. The world is one bitch shorter now!

Next victim was the Ex- husband. I gave him a bad taste that he'll be shitting out for days. I don't care If you lie and tell me that you've been trying to call your kids for weeks and haven't been able to get through. No voicemails left = no f*cking calls. But don't tell me, tell the kids that have already forgot what you look and sound like you ass wipe. Yes it hurts to know that they don't miss you anymore, but hey at least they know I wont forget their birthdays!

I'm sure there were a few more instances today, but damn it, it's 3am give me a break. **Sigh** I love this feeling! I'm on a roll baby, who'll be my next subject?

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