Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bah Humbug

Well Its almost that time of year again. I've just gotta get the brown sugar and Karo syrup for my sweet potatoes and then I'll be all set for my turkey dinner. YUM YUM!

Its what follows the dinner that I'm usually all excited about. This year however I'm not as thrilled as usual. Before we moved back to NY, we would fly around the country and visit our friends and family for the holidays. Now that I'm in a rather different circumstance, I really wont be traveling anywhere except maybe to see friends here in NY. The shit head ex wants to visit with his trashy chick, of course he'll call 2 days before the kids are expecting him and come up with some lame excuse for not being able to show up. Then there's his family, whom have become just as reliable. They'll call and leave me messages asking why I don't call them. HELLO... You guys are part of the equation too. Don't blame your lack of interest on me!!! Oh and this year you guys aren't getting presents from us. Call me cheap, call me what ever you want but since you guys have failed to send to us for any holiday or birthday for the past three years, I've decided to boycott. Bah Humbug to you and your family.

Although my expectations aren't very high this season, I still cant help but hope for a Christmas (0r even birthday)miracle this year.

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