Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Birthday Drama

First I'd like to thank those who made me feel special on my day. My wonderful co-worker's suprised me and turned my frown upside down with lunch and an ice cream cake. My family who made me a wonderful dinner that had me hugging not only them but the porclean god all night too. Even the clerk at the counter at my gym caught me by suprise. Im sure some automated message popped up on her screen to point it out to her, nontheless it cheered me up for even that slight moment.

I really don't like putting my personal life out there like this and I try not to because I usually don't make it through without shedding a few tears. My Ex husband and I had some major issues, one was him forgetting special days. I don't expect every man to remember every day or anniversary, but birthdays are pretty important. The Ray is on my shit list now too. He knew that my birthday was coming last weekend when he asked me what I wanted, so why were the words "Happy Birthday" far from his lips? Ray is famous for sending text messages expressing his love, but has yet to tell me in person that he loves me, even though we've been together for about 6 months. However even that method wasn't used. Absolutely nothing!!! He forgot, And I seriously hope that when he does realize that he messed up big time, that he apologizes appropriately. Otherwise I'm almost positive he'll be gone soon. He started by spending Thanksgiving away in Boston. The fact that he chose to be so far away isn't what bothered me, its the fact that he chose to send me text messages throughout the entire time rather than actually calling. Why couldn't he take the extra effort to even just key me up on the nextel if he weren't able to carry on a conversation? ...Makes me a bit suspicious.

Yeah ok, I see where this is going. The decision isn't so easy this time around though. There are kids involved with this one. My kids absolutely adore Ray. I'm not in a very good position here. I wont however let it ruin my holiday. I think instead I've been venting by being in a super-holiday mood. I've been decorating every room in sight.

I don't know, maybe I'm bipolar or something!!!

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