Thursday, April 05, 2007

Egg Hunt Strategies = Life Lessons

I was doing some thinking today. As parents we teach our kids to do things certain ways for a reason. For instance I was having a conversation with the girls today about Easter egg hunts. I told them to ignore the eggs in the front of the field and instead run away from the large crowds that will gather for the few in front and keep focused on the many more that are in the distant. If you ignore the temptation and keep running, focused on the larger quantity at the farther end, you'll do much better overall, and chances are you'd have less children to compete with.

Now how does this relate to life? See, if your always jumping on a chance presented in front of you, your overall chances of success and satisfaction will not reach their full potential. I'm not happy with a few things in life, but unlike Britney Spears I will not call them mistakes. They were choices that I made. I wanted to be with the ex because at that moment he met my needs. I wouldn't call it a mistake, but rather another lesson learned. I've changed careers a few times, striving for a sense of self accomplishment. I thought I found it when I became an EMT, but then when I became ill and determined to learn more about my own heath problems, I decided to continue my education even further on a professional level. I'm waiting on my admission decision from Nursing School. I know I can do it. I've got plenty of people trying to discourage me, but I want to reach for those eggs in the distant. Honesty though, I cant see myself being satisfied even after graduation. I'll likely continue and take my education further possibly focusing on my BSN and then NP or PA. Who knows?

...let me stop babbling on and on though otherwise we'll miss them blowing the whistle initializing the start of the egg hunt.

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