Thursday, April 12, 2007

Old People Cant Divide Fractions

It's official. I'm old. Not only do I have wrinkly hands, but now I'm the oldest person in my nursing class. Or at least the ones accepted thus far. I felt like such a dumb ass today when taking the college assessment exams. I breezed through the reading and writing sections, but when they handed my the math part I nearly had a stroke.

I suppose its best that I know how to divide and multiply decimal points and fractions by hand, but come on... fork over the damn calculator if you want an answer from me. Its been 10 years since I graduated high school and just as I told the professors there too, all that counts is the answer and not the means of finding the answer. But just like then, he didn't find it amusing. So my sorry ass will likely be in remedial math my first semester. The old lady in the corner with the wrinkly hands :(

I cant wait to see what next weeks pre-nursing assessment exam looks like. I'll show them little twerps what this old lady knows!!!

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