Sunday, October 19, 2008

All in a Days Work

I pondered it all weekend. Truth is it scares the crap out of me, but its something that could (not absolutely sure) make us happy.

What scares me? I'll tell you one thing, Its not the questions on the application...

Are you willing to tolerate abusive or threatening language from people who, because of their problems, take out their emotions on you?

Are you able to remain emotionally detached in order to respond to situations in a positive, mature and helpful manner?

Are you able to deal with life and death situations multiple times during a shift?

Are you able to listen to a person while their child or parent is dying in their

Are you willing to respond back to work in the case of an emergency, even though you just finished an eight hour shift?

Are you willing to talk to a person who wants to commit suicide?

Are you willing to take directives and orders and abide by them even if you don't agree with them?

...But rather the thought of its location.

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