Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Dream is a wish your heart makes

Its happening again. I'm getting that itch to get outta NYC again. I guess I'm just stressed and have so much going on, that the idea of escaping it all rather than dealing with it seems much more appealing.

On a side note. The girls started their kids college classes at Kingsborough yesterday. While they were in class I toured my old school and rekindled some wonderful memories. As soon as I walked into the Marine Academic Center, I was taken away by the shark tank that still stands in the lobby. It was there at that very moment that I knew that Gabby wasn't the only one who should be in marine biology class. Afterwards I took her to the research lab and like a little kid at a fair, I gleamed at the exhibits.

It was then that I realized what I needed to do. Maybe Nick was right, maybe I can be a world famous Marine Biologist. Its not too late to switch majors...

Perhaps It'll motivate me to hang around here a bit longer.

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