Thursday, March 26, 2009


While shopping for a birthday present for Arriana two weeks ago I joked to Mom that I'd get her and Arriana both a puppy. Reluctant at first, I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the pound. Arriana's proved to be responsible enough now, and mom well... she needs the companionship. I've pondered the idea for quite sometime and knew exactly what to look for, a small breed that would enjoy being treated like a big baby.

I'll never forget the look on my daughters face when I met her afterschool and told her of our taking a trip to the pound. This is something she's wanted since we left our home in FL. Soo.... Off we went.

At the shelter we met several breeds, but seemingly all were suffering with some type of illness. Our timing was rather late, they had an adoption fair in the days prior when the local news channels were announcing their rescuing 200+ dogs from a puppy mill in Tennessee. The 20 something dogs that were left behind were not adopted because families didn't want sick dogs. Some dogs had seizure disorders, others diabetes and heartworm. One small shaking Dauschund however was simply underweight for no apparent reason and feared strangers and children. The Vet in fact insisted he not be adopted by someone whom has children in their household.

If you know me well enough, you know my feelings about doctors and their suggestions. So... I took the dog for a test run. First in the play yard with me, then mom and the kids. He did remarkable. He was coming home with us! Of course since the shelter was reluctant, we insisted he would live alone with granny.

He layed on the girls laps in the back seat, still shaking and scared but quickly warmed up to them when they shared potato chips with him. Alas they decided to name him Chip. When Chip arrived in the house he quickly became another dog. The quiet, timid dog turned to this wild animal chasing moms cat everywhere. Having no social experience and being afraid of people certainly proved to be a challenge for me. I knew somehow I needed to gain his trust before I could begin to train him.

Now, two weeks later, the same dog that was nearly euthanized simply because no one would give him a chance, is living happily ever after. I wonder now if this dog is somehow a sign. God loves throwing things like this in my direction to ponder.

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