Monday, June 26, 2006

3rd Times a Charm

I have these strict rules that I place down when it comes to dating. For some reason I'm very attracted to Hispanic men. Call me crazy but thanks to the Ex, I'm hooked for life. Next he must be a funny guy and have a damn good smile. Then throw in a bit of kinky and freaky... chi' ching I'm hooked.

However another major issue that I have is that I'd prefer not to date within my company. But seeing all of these tall and handsome guys in uniform ready and willing... damn how could I resist? I try very hard and have succeded thus far. I've only dated people who I knew for sure I wouldn't have to see daily if the deal went bad. Well needless to say both of the previous inter-office flings went bad and ended.

Now I'm attempting a third. I've met this guy on one of those dating sites a while back whom I thought was very attractive, also an EMT and a single parent. Well since I've moved into the dispatch dept at work, I've discovered that he too works for my company now. Except now he's a paramedic and guess who gets to give him orders and have fun at his expense? Yours truly... damn, did I tell you how much I love my job? well actually only one night a week. Funny as it may be, we lost contact a while back :P and ever since I've been on dispatch he's been flirting big time. However I've come to learn that many of the guys are just trying to earn brownie points to ensure I'll let them go home on time.

Well... this one has progressed a bit further. I have really good feeling about this one. I'm getting the butterflies and all. The late night calls, the erotic chat, it all has me hooked on him like hooked on phonics. I'm reluctant only because I wonder about the what if??? What if things did go wrong, could I still feel comfortable working with him? I think I could. I'm pretty good at separating my personal feelings from work, thanks to the good practice from Big(pile of)Dawg(shit).

Either way I think I'll give it a try, maybe third times a charm...


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