Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Re-organize This!!!

I just learned of some rather disturbing news from work. It seems that there's a bit of "re-organization" going on. In other words layoffs. What's happening to our nation? Today most large companies are out-sourcing to countries outside of the US. Even my very own company has decided that having a large call center in a distant location answering our emergency calls, would be a cost effective solution.
When I call my cell phone company, I get to speak to Joe Smith from India. I called to order a CD from Time Life, and got Linda Smith from India. When I order my damn uniforms and kids clothes from the same retailer I have for years, The Childrens Place, The damn labels read 'made in Madagascar' or some other third world country. Now when I'm dying and in need of an ambulance, who knows who the hell I'll be calling.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for fair market and helping these other countries develop into nations and becoming self sufficient. But not at the expense of every single one of us Americans. When we have our people standing in line at the unemployment lines with three kids in tow, forced to accept a minimum wage job because anything else is being out-sourced... I think we've gone too far.

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