Saturday, June 17, 2006

I wanna Fly Away

Another long week and I'm still not through. I still have tonight to spend in that lonely dispatch center. Well maybe I'll find someone strange enough to still be awake at 3am for some quality chatting.
I woke up the other day and realized, damn... Summers almost here and I haven't decided on my vacation plans yet. I'm drawn between taking the girls back to FL to see their dad again like last year, or maybe a cruise this time. Hmmm then again I could probably pull off both. Looking back to our trip to Orlando last summer, I remember doing the theme park thing and all which was great, except for the mixed emotions of feeling like an incomplete family. Its really hard to explain, but If I did decide to do the cruise thing, I'd like to try a Disney cruise that offers a nice day camp program for the kids, while the parents enjoy some time alone. Except what would I do alone? Grandma's always an option too If I could find someone to take care of Grandpa while were gone. But shit I've only got a few weeks to plan any of this.... All the damn overtime I've been getting for these 60+ hour work weeks will help motivate me to plan an escape.

Damn I think too much.... I spend way too much time in my head. Ok I'll shut up and stop thinking out loud now.

Bye for now!

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