Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maybe I Was Wrong

Ok maybe I was wrong, I wasn't getting any better, in fact I got worse. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or just all the germ ridden children I was surrounded by over the weekend, but I've got a whopper of a cold. I'm still not quite over the stomach bug, but can now chug some vicks down with my pepto (yes quite tasty I must add). Anyway, I slept longer last night than I could ever remember in my life. With the exception of the 20 minutes it took me to call out sick, I slept 20 hours. Of course the kids interruppted a bit, but still 20 hours? WOW. That was some good shit!!! And honestly if I layed down again, I'd be out for a few more.

I'm forcing myself to stay up and get better though. Tomorrow night is my company Christmas party and I really , really wanna go. So, I'm putting my ass through viral boot-camp. Doing everything proven to speed up recovery of a cold. I've had chicken soup, tea, plenty of rest and all the other good stuff.

Ya know, its amazing what your mind thinks of when your under the influence (yes...even pepto and vicks cocktails). I had some pretty wild dreams. One in particular was of a person I know well, and I know that we both have a liking of rollercoasters. How we both ended up on one together and what went down later in that wild dream will have me looking at him differently for a bit. Speaking of which let me stop blabbing away and check out my work emails, make sure I still have a job after all this being sick shit. I'll check ya laters!

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