Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I wanna start by wishing every one a Merry Christmas. Today as your gathered around your loved ones, take a moment to really soak in the true meaning of the holidays.

To me Christmas is about taking even just a brief moment to let the ones you truly care about know just what they mean to you. Sure we'll get loads of gifts we didn't ask for that we'll probably re-wrap and give away to cousin Paul next year. But for now, just being surrounded by my family is all I could've asked for. Sure I could've asked for a new digital camera to replace the one that fell in the toilet, or maybe an I-pod to keep my fat ass motivated at the gym. But that's not what really matters to me.

I'll be honest. I spent most of my day yesterday crying. On what would've been my 7th wedding anniversary, as I put the finishing touches on my divorce papers, all I could think about is all the disappointment from years past. This year I decided to make a change. I'm not getting out of my PJ's today, instead I'll spend the rest of this holiday putting together the kids toys and cooking one hell of a dinner for us. Maybe I'll share a drink or two with Grandma as we watch "A Christmas Story" for the 10th time, or perhaps a few episodes of "Orange County Choppers" with Grandpa, but at least I can honestly say, I enjoyed myself this holiday season.

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