Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Early FOAD

Ok I know its not Thursday yet, but I don't give a damn Im'ma gonna bitch. YTF do guys tell you they'll call you later when they never do?! Oh and try to make up for it by sending me a damn text message? C'mon

Stop taking the roids, grow your damn balls back and have the courage to at least call me to apologize. I'm not sitting around for the rest of my damn life waiting for a dream that isn't gonna come. Thinking ahead to the future. What kind of life would I want? I wouldn't want to be with a man who doesn't want to better himself. Cant get the motivation to get his drivers license, or even a damn GED or high school diploma for a decent job. What kind of life could we possibly live? One much like now, working my ass off to pay medical expenses!
No thanks.... So to those guys that forget that they asked someone to free up their day for them and forgot to call to cancel...FOAD!

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