Thursday, August 02, 2007

FOAD or Lack There Of

Ok, don't be disappointed. Although today is FOAD Thursday, and I have every right to bitch about anyone and everyone who's pissed me off lately, I'm just not feeling it. I took a long walk along my favorite beach today and took time to reflect on some things; One being school. I had a horrible day in class today after learning that I may not be doing well enough to continue in the nursing program. I need to kick my ass into gear and seriously study if I wanna prove that old people can do this college thing too.

Next was the renewed desire for my own place to call home. If it weren't for me being in school right now, I'd probably be moving into another apartment.

Finally... the walk in its self brought about pleasant memories that hold a special place in my heart. Other than the kids and their 5 minute walk with me, there's only one other person I've walked that path with. I hope I never forget how lost in the moment I felt as we tried to make our way back to the car.

Ok I'll stop, I know... today's a day of bitching, sorry!

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