Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Special FOAD

Ok, I know it's not FOAD Thursday, but I'm gonna bitch anyway. I'm seriously having the worst day I've seen in a long time. Lets see where should I start.

This morning started off as usual except before going to class I didn't nap today. For some reason, I've been unable to eat or sleep properly. Well anyway, I log onto myspace and check my emails and stalk some people. Today I chose to browse the Ex-husbands page and what I saw had me really pissed. I took a deep breath and kept moving though.

At school I scored 1 point lower than what's required of me on an A&P test. No biggie though, I can make up for it on the final next week. Then class was over and It was time to register for next semester, only they wouldn't let me because I still have a $3500 balance for this semester. They're giving me until Wednesday to get the loan that I applied for. Once again I took a deep breath and kept marching on. I'm a pretty strong woman and can tolerate most anything thrown my way.

After arriving home, I make the kids and my dad lunch. Made sure everyone would be ok If I took a nap. I was finally able to get some pretty decent sleep, when all of a sudden mom wakes me up and tells me that I should've been at work 15 minutes ago. Damn! I hurry to get ready and arrive 30 minutes late. Luckily no one complained, oh... but they are mandating me to stay 2 hours late in the morning. Thanks!

But wait... It gets better. After I arrived, I decided to get something from my car. Apparently someone decided to break into my car. They were probably looking for something of value, but were unsuccessful. They were however successful in putting me in this really bad mood I'm on now. F*cking crack heads have to make everyone else around them miserable, to satisfy their f*cking habits! WTF?! So now instead of going home to sleep in the morning, I've gotta go shopping for a new rear window.

So... to all you crack heads, bursars, supervisors who don't have the balls to confront me in person and instead send an email and the ever-so-popular Ex's. A big F*ck Off And Die to ya!

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