Thursday, August 16, 2007


As parents we often wonder if were doing a good job raising our children. I'm told quite often that I'm doing quite well. But until I see the actual results in motion, It's hard to contemplate.

My children have seen way more than they've deserved. They've packed up and started over again three times before the age of 8 and 3 respectively. As a child, I cringed at the idea of moving and having to make new friends again. Arriana on the otherhand has been a real trooper, she's come through quite well. Gabby, well... she was so young that her collective memory really wouldn't allow her to remember much thankfully, or maybe not so.

Anyway I bring this up because, the kids are now at daycamp. As I lay here alone in bed and grabbed the covers, I remember what Gabby did to me this morning. In the past three days I've gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep. Between work and school, I've had little time to spend sleeping after first making sure their needs are being met. This morning I arrived home at 6:30 and decided I'd try to sneak in a quick nap. I layed on the sofa purposly not using a blanket, affraid i'd get too comfortable and oversleep. Well a few minutes later Gabby comes from her room and covers me with her blanket, like the sweet little girl does with her baby dolls. Making sure my feet were covered and even kissed me on the forehead. I suppose this means I'm doing a good job teaching her love, and how to make others feel good.

Then there's Arriana. She's exactly as I was at her age. Most of her friends are boys, because well.. there's too much drama from the girls, besides its more fun to challange the boys to video games anyway! Arriana puts on a tough face. She rarely shares her true feelings. During the divorce, I'd often find her fighting to hold back the tears... just as I did. Apparently I was so afraid of scaring the kids by crying in front of them, that instead it taught her to try to hide her own too. I laugh at her every morning when I drop her off at camp or school, being the grown girl she thinks she is, she wont kiss me goodbye in public anymore, lol. But last night she sent me an email at work. She wrote me a song. A sweet little song about her being thankful for all I've done for her. My babies have me an emotional wreck as I write this. I love them so much! I'll tell you one thing I'm certain of, there's nothing in the world compared to the love I have for my daughters.

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