Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing like a call from your DR in the middle of the day telling you to rush your ass over to see him. Apparently I've hit an all time low with my coumadin level being down to a 1.2 even though I've been taking my meds on schedule as promised.

After being lectured and my words once again being dis-trusted I left with an awful feeling in my stomach. I'm sick of being sick. When I got news like this in the past I'd get emotional and break down as I ultimately haul my ass over to the hospital for treatment. Tonight however I feel different, I feel nothing at all. No fear, no concern, just wanting to be left alone. I know where I should be right now, and its certainly not blogging. My body is defenseless against embolism's now and I cant help but feel disconcerned.

I hate writing depressing post's like this. Seriously. I have a handful of readers that for whatever reason read these thoughts that I otherwise wouldn't have shared with anyone. I try hard not to conceal my true thoughts in person or get anyone else involved in my personal battles. Even some of my closest friends have no clue what's going on in my head. For you my readers welcome to my dark side!

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