Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Worst Patients

Why do health professionals make the worst patients?

Seriously, I've heard it time and time again and have to agree. Look at me, I'd rather shoot myself up with Heparin injections than to spend another day in the hospital.

Another thing that bothers me occasionally is the stupid advice people have come to ask us. The calls for someone with chest pain that just wants to know if his blood pressure is elevated and refuse medical attention either way. The gastric tubes that wait till 2am to fall out and finally the ambulance calls for someone with a toothache. WTF?!

Anyway I mention this because tonight, as I got out of the shower and nice and comfy in my PJ's, my dad called me. I could tell by the tone of his voice something was really wrong. Mom was having chest pain and breathing difficulties. "Damn Mom! I just got ready for bed", I replied. Mom's famous for being a drama queen, so I proceed to ask the appropriate questions and could pretty much rule out any dangers. Just to be sure I took her vitals, hooked her up with some o2 and gave her some Nitro. 45 minutes later she's feeling fine, sound asleep and I can return to blogging in my PJ's. Would I recommend this to anyone else? Absolutely not! I wouldn't let them refuse attention and would certainly use all my power to convince them to get checked out by someone who really knows what the hell their doing. So why cant I follow my own advice?

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