Friday, April 11, 2008


Life is full of regrets. I regret not giving Nick the CD I stayed up till 1am making for him after rethinking some of my selections. I even regret not doing something just five minutes ago. But I dont wanna look back 2 years from now and regret either leaving or not. Life is full of decisions and compromises. I took a chance with my marriage and moved to Louisiana. Did I regret it when it ended abruptly? Not one bit. I have two beautiful children as a result. While somethings can be viewed as a disappointment or failure, the girls certainly out weigh any negativity resulting from the divorce.
So as a very wise man pointed out today. I really dont have much to risk by taking a plunge. If it doesnt turn out to be the greatest decision, I'd still have my family in NY to lean on.
I suppose I'm affraid to break through the comfort zone I've created for myself, fearing possibly falling head first. But hey... life is full of taking chances and the lessons they teach us.

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