Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shake Whatcha Daddy Gave Ya

When selecting music to listen to I usually go with one of two options. Something I wanna listen to because the artists feelings reflect my own or sometimes I'm just simply craving something to shake my ass to. For instance when I'm home, I'll slap on the Ipod and grab one of the girls to dance with their crazy Mama, otherwise the broom will do just fine.

When I'm all alone however and cant fall asleep, I usually listen to the more emotional stuff. If you were to glance at my music selection, you'd probably think I'm bipolar with the selection of music I have. You'll find everything from Marc Anthony to 'Nsync and Eminem.

Tonight though I wanna share a favorite of mine:

Its full of everything a good song needs; emotion, dancing and an amazing voice.
...Makes me wanna say, I love you Daddy!

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