Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slow Down

Remember how I made mention earlier about being able to finally workout again without spending time in the CCU? Well friday after seeing Nick I was compelled to work off some energy at the gym rather than sleep as he suggested. I had a pretty good workout too, but later realized my heart rate was still rather higher than usual. No biggie I thought and still went to work, but hours later I noticed I was still having some issues. I knew I was having PVC's but still insisted they'd go away on their own if I just relaxed.

Needless to say they didnt go away, instead I was being attached to cardiac monitors and carried into my very own ambulance and taken to the hospital. The whole experience was quite interesting I must say. But in all seriousness, I need to stop this shit. Its getting old. I need to find some way to balance all my responsibilities. Despite all attempts, the truth is I cant save the world. Somethings are just meant to be and I must accept that. If someone I love needs my help, I'll be there in a tachy heartbeat. But if work needs me on my day off, they'll just have to call someone else. I really dont need all the overtime I've been getting. Of course money is great, but being alive to spend it would be better.

So I promise, from this day on I vow to never again work another 26 hour shift guzzling down coffee's to stay awake. As a matter of fact, Doc wants me to stay away from coffee, sodas and even chocolate for a bit to see if this resolves itself. It'll be hard, but I've got two damn good reasons to comply.

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Anonymous said...

I'll watch U like a Hawk...U got 2 pretty damn good reasons so keep urself safe.