Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sorry I've been kinda MIA for a while. I've been working my ass off trying to afford this vacation for me and the kids.

Well, lets see. What have you missed?

  • I actually bought myself something... A new car!
  • I've managed to get off early, which will add two more days to my vacation.
  • I've been able to comfortably work out at the gym again without having to spend 2 days in the CCU for every hour on the stairmaster.
  • I've decided to let the kids enjoy swimming again. We're back into our sunday routine of goofing around in the pool. But despite Gabby's plea's I just cant gain the courage to allow her to go in the deep end without me. Dave's tragedy has me traumatized.
  • Speaking of trauma, refresher class has been pretty fun. Last night I got to treat a sucking chest wound. WTF is a sucking chest wound you ask?! It's what you get when you've had a penetrating trauma to the lungs (usually a gun shot wound) that leaves you with a new whole to breath from. That shit is awesome. You cant just cover it, cause well... thats your new breathing hole. I instead get to do some pretty cool stuff to keep you from drowning in your own blood.
  • And finally.... I decided to go forward with the job offer with the Sheriff's office in FL. Sometimes we need to just shut up and take the advice of others around you. If for no other reason, I must do this for the kids.
Well, gotta run. Time to get the kids from school and head over to the Mets game.


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