Monday, February 23, 2009

Fight or Fright

Imagine this for a moment if you will; As a child the very first time you caught a football, you knew you wanted to play for the NFL. You studied hard to stay on the team throughout High School. You continued on to College and helped make a name for yourself by excelling. Though the school isn't all that popular amongst the professional scouts your name however remains on their tongues.

You get an invite to the combine, which is essentially an audition to make a career out of playing football, and when you get there before anything else, they tell you you have no chance in making a career out of playing football. As it turns out, a physical exam reveals you have a heart valve defect. While the defect its self is not life threatening, it could nonetheless result in sudden cardiac arrest upon exertion, like playing football.

What do you do now? Do you give up on all your dreams or risk dying for what you love? Good luck with your decision Brian!

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