Friday, February 20, 2009

Not Me, Not Now

Ever see or hear something that makes you re-evaluate everything you've ever believed? Well about a year ago Ang gave me a particular book that advised; if a man really were into you, you'd certainly know it. He'd want you to know he was thinking about you and would call or at the very least send you a message every so often. The book was her attempt to help me see things for what they truly are and not assume it to be something its not.
It's no secret I've been burned in past relationships, because of that I suppose I keep my heart guarded. That doesn't mean it doesn't break...

If I wanted to go out and have a good time, believe me the opportunities are endless. Do I? No I don't. Its not just fun I'm after nowadays. I did however agree to a date with an ex co-worker the other night, to which I made him bring me to see the movie about the above referenced book. The movie shed some light on a few things for me. I've purposely kept certain people in my life knowing I can count on them, but haven't been giving them any of my time because its being consumed by someone who doesn't deserve it. I cry myself to sleep days and weeks before I finally hear from him. I now see though... He's probably just not that into me.

What else did I get from this movie? Well one character was telling that Myspace is the new booty call. I laughed and kinda agreed, noting to myself the need to delete my profile. Last night at 2Am I get a call from a friend of mine that I once confessed a sexual fantasy of mine to. He calls and wakes me up to ask for my address. Apparently he and a friend were on Myspace and came across my profile, to which the discussion of DP came about. They wanted to come and make my dreams come true. Thanks but no thanks guys, I'd rather be alone than to be another booty call. I love myself better than that now.

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