Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goodbye With No Words

For many reasons, this is currently my favorite song. Tamia sings of someone whom still looks the same, but for some reason isn't the man she once knew. He's changed so much that she doesn't recognize him anymore.

"He would adore me, he wouldn't ignore me".

Two years ago I met someone that helped me more than he'll ever believe. We've been very close since then and rarely go days without talking. Now however It seems he's not the same man. The man that left the note on my car that morning. The only man that crashed down the walls I put up around me. Instead now, a stranger who stands in his place. And just as the song starts with... I dont understand.

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Ms Batman said...

You are singing my song. While I didn't buy myself anything for V-Day, I did go out and buy him something WAY more expensive than anything he would buy me.

I find myself looking at him as if to ask "Who are you?" and yet I stay with him because life without him, even this stranger him, is almost better than life without.