Wednesday, January 17, 2007


In Life, we make many choices. Choices that are supposed to shape and mold our future. Earlier in the week I spoke of the "Pillow Angel" and the decisions her parents made to shape her future and their ability to care for her. I made the commitment to myself a few months ago to stop letting people walk all over me. I've been working on toughening myself for many reasons including giving orders at work.

While I must say, I've improved my ability to tell people to F*ck off and shit, but I'm still a big sap at heart. In the end, I'm still the one shedding tears. I realized the other night just what an ass I've been. When my family was busy mourning a few recent losses, I teased them and told them to suck it up and pretty much to move on. Maybe they needed the tough love, or maybe not. I certainly surprised them and myself when I took time to reflect.

I layed like a baby curled up in bed, crying to the music I selected to put me in the mood to clean. Ok so I didn't get much cleaning done, or maybe I did. Maybe I needed to reflect and feel remorse towards what was going on. I loved the ones that I lost forever, especially the ones I never got the chance to say goodbye to. My new commitment, or resolution, will be to let everyone who means the world to me know just how much I adore them.

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