Thursday, January 18, 2007


I just realized that today is Thursday. There's more to Thursday then the fact that it's payday for me. See today's the day I've actually got an excuse to bitch about those that piss me off. This week I'm gonna bitch about Big Head. See I work in the field of EMS, which to many of the married assholes in the industry might as well mean Extra Marital Sex. See a few weeks ago Big Head told a mutual friend of ours that he was interested in "getting to know me better". Yeah whatever. I shrubbed it off. Thanks but no thanks.

At my company, I have a large amount of control over what kind of assignments people get. I can keep you doing BS work, or I can send your ass to Guam when you piss me off. So it comes as no surprise that many people (especially men and even lesbians) have tried to swoon me, in an effort to win me over. I can proudly say that I have never, never ever never, taken anyone up on the offers. So just like every other I ignored him. That is until I saw him last week and he confronted me. Now here's when it gets good. If your a fucking real man, why would you talk bad about the two women you chose to have kids with? If you didn't love either of them enough to marry them, YTF should I even think that your a decent person. Ok what'eva.

Next, you talk shit about one of our supervisors who dumped your ass and told me shit about her that would send the person who's baby she aborted to kick your MF Ass. So lets get this straight, you like white chicks, that's cool and shit but keep looking, cause you've got way too much disrespect for my blood. In conclusion, this week's FOAD goes to Big Head and his enormous ego.

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