Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thank You

I've spent the majority of the week thus far tying up some loose ends and making peace with myself. Not only do I find myself double checking my life insurance policies and stuff, but I also find my self re-evaluating my personal relationships too. All attempts to keep my heart "at ease" have been successful so far. I've swallowed my pride and held alot in, all in an attempt to prevent any other Tachycardia's.

This whole thing has also caused me to re-evaluate alot of shit going on in my life. As a young child I lost a very close friend in a tragic accident. The funeral was huge. Seriously I mean monstrous. It made me wonder though, even at the young age of maybe 11 or 12, what If I were to die? Would I have a large crowd too? Who would wish they could've said goodbye but couldn't? This is likely the cause of many dreams or nightmares that I had. I can remember many of them, including ones of me being harmed and screaming for help, though no one could hear me. Sound weird? Yeah I know that's just me!

But seriously though, if something were to happen to me. I want everyone to know, just what they meant to me. To those that I spend my time with everyday, whether it be work or leisure, I treasure all of you in your own individual way. For the great sense of humor you have. For being able to keep up with my crazy life. For your ability to make me smile even when it feels like the world is coming down around me. For being so damn tough on the outside, but so adorable on the interior. For inspiring me to blog, and sit here staring hard at this damn blinking cursor trying to think of something else to say...

Now, I've scared a few people by uttering those three words this week. But oh well too damn bad, I Love You anyways!!!

Now don't forget boys and girls, tomorrows the best day of all. The day I get to bitch about all those that have pissed me off. You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned a few names in a while...You'll definitely wanna tune in for the ultimate FOAD Thursday.

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