Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yup, Yup, Its Finally Here!!!

Ok boys and girls, the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. It's FOAD Thursday!!

Now who shall we victimize first? Well lets start with the Ex who I'd like to believe caused this whole shit with my heart last week. See shit head called me bright and early in the morning on Friday. Apparently FL courts are coming down hard on him for his lack of responsibility. He's very far behind on his child support payments and has till march 2 to appear in court with a valid excuse. The only problem is, he doesn't have one. Just like last year and the year before, he calls pleading with me to allow him to claim the kids on his taxes so that he'll get a large sum of money back and try to catch up to the thousands of dollars he owes. Why the hell would I let him do that? Take money from our pocket to forgive a debt that you owe my children? Have the children pay your bill? Fuck no! So to you Richie, FOAD!

Ahhh... I'm starting to feel better already.

Next while we're on the topic of Ex's. I'll take a stab at crack head. I give him the title crack head because he's taking all this shit to try and build up muscle to look like some huge Puerto Rican hulk. Seriously C'mon guys. We don't like that shit. I like my men large, having the ability to have me up against the wall is a big plus, but the other side affects of the crack/ anabolics that you jockeys use prevent you from doing shit with the one muscle I wanna utilize. Oh and lets not forget skipping out on visiting me in the hospital because you had to go to the fucking gym. For that, I absolutely can not and never will forgive you. Seriously though, if this is what you'd consider "trying to make things right again", then I don't wanna see what its like to be neglected. So to the Big Crack Head, FOAD! ... Maybe I'll take the D back, gabby thinks your kinda funny. So for only you, I'll settle for a big FO!

Next is the nasty ass nurse on the telemetry floor that jumped down my throat for having a cell phone on the cardiac floor. Yes I know that we're not supposed to have 'em, yes I know that it'll interfere with my telemetry box, and yes I know I was in possession of one, but C'mon. This is 2007, who the hell knows people's phone numbers off hand? If I didn't have my cell phone to look up the numbers, no one would've known where the hell I was. Its not like I was speaking on the damn thing (like the CNA who came to ask if I needed more ice), so leave me the hell alone, FOAD!

I'm sure I'll add to this before the end of this blessed day, so sit back and relax while I take a brief intermission.

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